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This version of blackjack was born in the city of Atlanta as the name suggest. But this is not the reason why South African gamblers should be excited about the game. The reason why this version of American Blackjack become popular is that of the rewarding game play. There are few games that are as easy to win as Atlantic City blackjack.

The History of the Game

Las Vegas had taken over as the gambling hub of the world. The resort town of Atlanta was in serious trouble. They needed to lure back gamblers. That is when they came up with this innovative game.The design of the game was to give players a greater chance to win. An objective that was successfully met as can be seen from the low house edge. The game has a house edge of 0.36%. This was achieved by changing several elements of the gameplay.

Gameplay in Atlantic City Blackjack

At online casinos, this game is one of the gold series of games. This means that the appearance and sound are as good as they can get. The gaming is very smooth which makes it easy to enjoy the game.The game plays with 8 decks of cards. Other formats of the game use 6 decks or even less. A high number of decks helps to neutralize the effect of the other features that lower the house edge. The dealer is also supposed to hit at any 17. Since there is a large number of decks there is a small chance of busting.

Features in Atlantic City Blackjack

  1. The split. Players can split their hand a total of three times. Thus they can have up to 4 hands on which they are wagering on. All ten values cards are viewed as being equal and therefore can be split. The Aces can only be split once after that the dealer will force players to stand.
  2. There is the provision to double down on the first two cards. After this, players can double down on the cards that have been split.
  3. The late Surrender. A large number of blackjack versions only allow players to surrender after the first two cards. This is not the case with this variety of the game. In Atlantic City Blackjack the player can surrender at a later stage of the game play.