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Visa is owned by Visa Inc and it is one of the most recognized electronic payment methods in the world. The Visa card is an intermediary and facilitates transactions between two parties (cardholder and merchants). It has proved its dominance with the huge amounts of transactions processed each year worldwide. Visa Inc cards are categorized into two namely debit and credit card. A debit card is issued to many customers in different countries through banks and other financial institutions. Customers can access their bank accounts using the debit card on ATMs and local POS (Point Of Sale) networks. However, it attracts higher interest compared to the credit card and it must be funded first to be usable.

A Visa credit card is for customers that have excellent credit ratings or worthiness. Credit card consumers enjoy low-interest rates and cash back rewards. Each financial institution has its terms and conditions of issuing the Visa cards. The risk of issuing the Visa card lies in the hands of the financial institutions.

The use of Visa has increased greatly due to a continuous increase in the number of online business that accepts Visa payment. There are over 25 million businesses or merchants that accept Visa cards around the world and more online traders are growing on daily basis. This electronic payment company is also popular and used by many people in South Africa. It is now the most famous payment method used by South African online casinos and players. The Visa card is recognized by all online casinos as a payment method for customer conveniences.

It differs from casino to casino as some accept both deposits and withdrawals while others are only deposit takers. Using Visa funds transfer method at online casinos is safe and secure, funds transfer to your online casino account is instant. You are able to play real money games within a short period after making a deposit.

How to use Visa to fund your online casino

After you have chosen your favourite online casino making deposits and withdrawal is fast. Create an account if you don’t have one, go to payment methods. The payment methods are usually stated under casino cashier and then select the Visa option. Enter the amount you want to transfer. You’ll be required to provide your card details including the CVC or CVV code located on the back of the Visa card.  The code is last 3 digits that allow you to continue with your payment. If the online casino allows you to withdraw winnings straight to your Visa card, you can use the withdrawal option. Many South African banks offer their electronic card with Visa options. South African online casino game players enjoy Visa card benefits of funding their account instantly, it is safe and secure.