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Most people who have been into gambling have some sort of support. Whether it’s betting systems they swear by or a superstitious belief about what brings them luck. The aim of gambling is to have fun while making money. It seems like players that use a betting system have been known to have increased odds of walking away from their game with some money in hand.

hand picking cards using betting systems


Even though there’s no guaranteed way of always winning,betting systems are so important to players. Which is why we’ve compiled a guide on gambling systems for South African players. In it, we look at the three main betting systems types, popular gambling systems, and which games use betting systems.

What is a Betting System?

A betting system is a fixed set of rules that a player follows strictly in a game. The point of a system is similar to a strategy in that it helps a player increase their chances of winning. Also, systems are meant to be easy to follow and memorise, while a strategy is an approach to betting or gambling.

Places to Practice Your Favourite Betting System

Below is a list of our recommended online casinos for South African players. All of these casinos have their games available in practice mode where you can play for free. Then, once you think you’ve got the hang of a system, play the games for real money to win real cash.

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Betting Systems Types

Namely, there are three main betting systems gamblers choose from. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Insurance Betting System: you decrease your bet after a loss.
  2. Positive Progression Betting System: increase your bet every time you win. This system is popular among players because they can start a game with a small bankroll.
  3. Negative Progression Betting System: you bet higher every time you lose to try and recover your losses. This one is risky because you’re chasing you loses. Furthermore, it needs players to enter a game with a larger bankroll.

Top 5 Popular Gambling Systems

There are many betting systems out there and fans of each one claim that theirs is the best gambling system. Below we’ll look at the top five most popular and prominent systems players use.

1. Fibonacci Betting System

fibonacci betting system with gears and casino chips

This gambling system uses the negative progression betting system. The player focuses on placing even money bets. This system requires that gamblers memorise the Fibonacci sequence, a progressing sequence of numbers in mathematics.

It’s used in games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and even on sports wagers.

It seems like the Fibonacci betting system doesn’t increase the overall odds of winning. However, it does help with short term money wins and over a longer period if a player manages to avoid a long losing streak. In the end, however, experts find that it is flawed.

2. Martingale Betting System

martingale betting system with gears and casino chips

The Martingale system also relies on negative progression. However, in this one a player changes their bet if they win and doubles their bet if they lose. It is also used on even money bets.

The Martingale system is the most popular because of the basic maths it uses with a series of simple steps to follow. Gamblers playing roulette, craps, baccarat, sports wagers, and blackjack use the Martingale system.

Ultimately, this system works in the short term and even over a longer period if a player can avoid a lengthy losing streak. Its biggest flaw is that it doesn’t take a lot of losing bets in a row for the stakes to get high.

3. D’Alembert Betting System

d'alembert betting systems with gears and casino chips

This betting system combines the negative progression and insurance betting systems types. The aim is to win back what a player has lost in small increments. It’s based on the theory that players should always win about the same number of even money bets as they lose. Which is why it’s generally used on even money bets at the roulette table.

Second in popularity to the Martingale system, the rules in the D’Alembert keep the stakes from getting too high. Alternatively, recovering losses is much slower. Therefore, with systems, making losses is greater but they’re smaller when players hit a losing streak.

The D’Alembert system helps with short term wins and makes players a profit even when they lose more than they win. But this is all dependent on getting the right sequence of results which is where the system’s flaw lies.

4. Paroli Betting System

paroli betting system with gears and casino chips

Sometimes called the Anti-Martingale system, this betting system uses the positive progression betting system type. When using the Paroli system, players make a bet and increase it when they win. It creates small consistent wins while avoiding huge losses. This system is a popular one with gamblers. It’s very easy to learn and use.

Used on even money wagers, it’s played in casino games like blackjack, craps, baccarat, and roulette. Even more, it can be used with sports betting.

The Paroli system involves setting a fixed starting bet. After every win, players double their stake for the following bet. Then, after three consecutive wins, decrease the bet back to the fixed starting bet. Finally, whenever there’s a loss, revert to the fixed starting bet.

For those looking to make small consistent wins and minimising losses, the Paroli system is great. That is unless they hit a big losing streak.

5. Parlay Betting System

parlay bet with sports balls and money

Similar to the Paroli system, this one also makes use of the positive progression system. However, this one involves reusing the winnings from the previous bet in the next bet. This reduces the amount of money lost as they aren’t relying on their bankroll.

It is also used on even money bets in games like blackjack and sports betting. But with the Parlay system, playing only even bets isn’t mandatory. It can be used on any bet. The Parlay system helps players profit off the house, keep their losses small, and removes any complicated decision making. On the other hand, players need quite a few wins to win big, which isn’t guaranteed.

Which Games Use Betting Systems?

Casino games that use gambling systems include:

Betting Systems Conclusion

A good betting system is easy to use and remember, and helps increase your odds of winning. However, it’s good to note that these systems aren’t full-proof and on some days, it may work while on others it won’t.