Bitcoins in Online Casinos South Africa

Bitcoins in Online Casinos South Africa
Bitcoins in Online Casinos South Africa 2017-09-18T10:20:46+00:00

By now the majority of tech savvy South Africans know about virtual currencies and the Bitcoin in particular. However, most people do not know that the currency is one of the best ways to deposit and withdraw funds at online casinos. The actual benefits are outlined in a section below. For now, let’s discuss how to use bitcoins when gambling in South Africa

How to Use Bitcoins at South African Online Casinos

There is really nothing to it. Players simply need to have access to the Bitcoin trading platform. This means that they will have to download the Bitcoin wallet if they do not already have it. The wallet can be downloaded to your mobile device or to your Personal Computer. With the wallet, you can buy, store and fund your online gambling account.

Bitcoins are easy to use once you have found an online casino in South Africa to play at. Players can fund their gambling wallet using Bitcoins by selecting the option in the cashier section. There are easy to follow prompts which help players to quickly deposit.

Withdrawing your wins is also just as simple. From the cashier section of the member’s area, players can withdraw their wins in Bitcoins. Casino credits are converted back to Bitcoins at the same exchange rate that you deposited at.

As with any other payment methods, players will have to be vigilant while using the virtual currency at online casinos. Failure to do so may result in loss of money or value. The best casinos to play are the ones that will convert your Bitcoins to casino credits. Other casinos only allow players to wager using Bitcoin units. Since Bitcoins are withdrawn at the same rate that they are deposited it is wise to withdraw your Bitcoins after at the end of each playing session.

Finally, Benefits of Playing Casino Games in South Africa using Bitcoins

  1. There is no third party involved in the transactions thus the system is above any countries laws, therefore, your funds are safe.
  2. Transactions are completely anonymous. No information is transferred during the movement of money. No identifying documents are required to access your money after withdrawing.
  3. The best for last. Bitcoins transactions are instant. Therefore as soon as you deposit you are able to play.