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Blacklisted Casinos South Africa

The online casino industry is growing in South Africa, which means there are a lot of casinos popping up. Consequently, some of those casinos don’t have the best intentions, and only want to scam people out of their hard-earned money. These are what we call rogue casinos and, once they’re caught, they are labelled blacklisted casinos.

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It’s a good idea to stay away from blacklisted casinos as they are known for their unethical business practices. Below we’ll take a look at what a rogue casino is, why a casino gets blacklisted, and a list of blacklisted South African casinos.

Blacklisted Casinos Guide SA

Let’s take a look at why casinos are blacklisted.

Bad customer service

Customer service is an integral part of the casino experience for South African players. Therefore, bad customer service brings a casino site’s reputation down. This includes not being able to get issues resolved timeously, unhelpful agents, or struggling to get hold of casino support. So, bad customer service can get a site blacklisted.

Payment Delays

Playing at real money South African casino sites is entertaining and rewarding, especially when it’s time to cashout winnings. However, casinos that get blacklisted usually give players the run-around when it comes to paying out. Usually, payments take days or weeks to reflect, not months. Blacklisted casinos will give cite terms that weren’t listed before, ridiculous wagering requirements, or just flat-out ignore players.

Unfair Game Results

Players go to casinos with the implicit trust that the games are fair. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother wagering on games. South African casinos that end up blacklisted usually rig their games to control how much someone wins. This completely ruins the point of playing games that require skill and luck. As a result, reputable casinos use random number generators (RNG) to ensure the fairest and most random possible outcome.

Spam Advertisement

In a bid to get players’ attention, online casinos need to advertise. But SA online casinos that flood your inbox with emails and SMSes are considered to be engaging in unethical marketing practices. Secondly, some casino affiliates will go so far as to hire people to write glowing (often fake) reviews about the site on online gambling forums. Finally, blacklisted casinos have also engaged in the hacking of third-party websites so as to rank higher in search engine results.

South African Blacklisted Casinos

image of casino blacklist SA blacklisted casinos

There are a few South African websites that track which casinos that are for ZA gamers. Usually, they keep a database of blacklisted South African casinos. Furthermore, forums like Ask Gamblers keep a database of blacklisted and restricted casinos. Based off the South African pages, here are some blacklisted casinos players should avoid if they want a safe and secure casino experience.

Online CasinoBlacklisting Reason
AbsolutePokerFraud, collusion, and cheating
African Palace CasinoSlow payments, bad business practice
Brandy CasinoExcessive spamming
Class 1 CasinoNon-payment, changes to terms and conditions
Grand Reef CasinoSlow and non-payment
GoldenCasino.comBad customer service
Island CasinoUnethical business practices
LasCasinoVegasUnethical marketing practices
MaximaChanging wagering and cashout requirements mid-play
Pink Lady CasinoSoftware full of malware, reports of identity theft
Players Only CasinoBad customer service, slow payment
Pure Vegas CasinoSlow and non-payment
Sunshine BingoNon-payment
Vegas2WebSlow and delayed payouts
Virtual Casino GroupSlow and delayed payouts


Trusted South African Casinos

For the best and reputable casinos, see the table below. CasinoZA also provides a list of what to look out for when picking a casino.

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