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South Africans love their casino games. But finding the best casino game is becoming increasingly difficult. This is because there are now so many casino games. Each of the casino games has numerous versions. Since online casinos have no physical restrictions they can have several versions of the same game.

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There is now a greater need for casino gamers to be savvy and intelligent about selecting games to play. To know where you are going you need to know the past. So before finding the best casino game to play for real money which is also fun here are some fun facts that will make you a more knowledgeable gambler.

Top Casino Games in South Africa

Best Online Casinos SA Punt Casino
Punt Casino

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Yebo Casino SA
Yebo Casino

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Springbok Casino South Africa
Springbok Casino

R11,500 Bonus

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Thunderbolt Casino South Africa

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The History of Gambling

There is no one who can give a date when the first bet was made. This is because people have been gambling from ancient times. Most ancient civilisations have stories, proverbs or images which refer to people playing games of chance.

The word casino is derived from the 18th-century Italian word which means small house. Italians from this era used to play games of chance in these rooms during parties. The first recorded casino was officially opened in the Monaco in 1861. Today the town is still renowned for having premium casino resorts. We have this small town in Europe to thank for giving birth to the casino resorts we enjoy here in South Africa. Now we know where the casino came from, it is time find out about the origins of the most popular real money casino games.

History of Casino Games from Africa, Europe and Europe

Each major civilisation has added something to the games that we enjoy today as casino games. Some civilisations like the Egyptians created the dice which travelled to all parts of the world where it was perfected. Roman laws which forced fathers to teach dice to their sons helped make games of chance more popular. Asian civilisations are credited with creating the first versions of games like Keno and several versions of poker.


Online roulette

The real money online casinos recommended by Casino ZA have a wide selection of roulette games. This popular casino game was named in France where it was made popular. A French scientist/ monk is credited with creating the game. There are two versions of the game that now dominate the industry. American roulette was modified to have two zeros in the USA. Players who prefer placing bigger bets on games with better odds play the French/European version of the game. Read more


Online Blackjack

Born in Europe during the middle ages the game evolved through the ages. Once it was called Trent et un, the game moved from having a target of 31 to the current versions that jackpot at 21. This classic online casino game is still simple although casinos have developed many ways to make the game more rewarding. Whether you want to play with one deck of cards or several decks Casino ZA will direct you to the right casino. Read more 


Online Slots

Liberty Bell is recorded as the first slot machine. This one armed bandit from California in now the ancestor of the real money online casino games. Technology such as Random Number Generators and the internet have led to the creation of online slots. There are many types of slots that South Africans can play on the internet. There are progressive slots that will pay millions of Rands in jackpot prizes, there are standalone jackpots and there are games that offer both. Themes of the best slots include adventure, fantasy, oriental, popular culture and even Africa. Popular slots in Mzansi include Gonzo’s Quest, The Pink Panther and Fucanlong. Read more

Casino Games Promotions and Bonuses

Casino ZA only points players towards casinos that give regular real money online promotions. Bonuses that players in South Africa can use to play games like blackjack, roulette, slots, poker, baccarat, sic bo, and keno. Our experts are searching the top casino for bonuses to recommend to internet gamblers.

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