History of Online Keno

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Keno is probably the most fascinating casino game of all time. That is why it has such an interesting history. There are fewer games that have achieved as much or have been banned as many times as this game. The benefits of this game to the players and the house cannot be understated. That is one of the reasons why even after being outlawed on many occasions it managed to resurrect itself.

The Journey through the Ages

Keno is a game that comes from the Orient. Many gambling historians agree that the game was made popular by the Han Dynasty centuries before Christ.  This is because it was used to raise funds for a war.

After the game was seen to improve government coffers, it was improved and used again. This time around to build the Great Wall of China. But by the turn end of the 18th century, the game had been outlawed in China. The game found its way to America with the job seekers. Keno became popular in 19th century Texas. But less than a century after the game arrived on American shores it was outlawed in the land. Only to played legally again in the 1980’s until today.

Keno in South Africa

The game of Keno is one of the most popular online casino games in SA. However, there is a large portion of the population that is not familiar with this games. Not because there are few places to enjoy the game. There are several casinos both online and land-based that offer the game. The reason why the game has remained unknown to some Mzansi gamblers is that some gamblers are not that adventurous.

Top internet casinos on which South Africans can play offer the game to play for real money and in free mode. Therefore the experienced players can wager money and play while novices can practice in free mode. This will allow the player to master the game without risking any of their own money.

The gameplay in the game is very simple. As previously mentioned the game plays like the lotto. There are 80 numbers from which players can select. Numbers that are wagered on are clearly marked. Twenty numbers are randomly selected. Winning numbers are then matched with the numbers bet on by the player and payouts are given. The more numbers that correspond to the winning numbers the higher the payout.

Keno is available to play at several casinos online in South Africa. But some of the casinos are not that safe. Casino ZA only recommends casinos that give excellent casino gaming and also payout.