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There is no one online casino in South Africa that does not have classic blackjack. This is one of the most dominant games in the gambling industry. Regardless of whether it is at internet based or brick and mortar casinos. The game has a rich history. However, it is the amazingly simple game play and the low house edge that has made this game a favourite all over the world.

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How to Play Classic Blackjack

There are few simple things that you have to observe before you can play and win real money on blackjack online. These things are listed below.

  • Register at properly licensed and regulated online casino. Not only will such a casino pay out when you win they will also protect your information. Nothing is worth risking your financial security for even real money gambling. So be secure.
  • Once inside the internet casino of your choice, you have to deposit real money. Only after funding the gambling account can you proceed to play for real money. When the money is in the casino account, select Classic Blackjack in the online casino Lobby.
  • Place a bet and enjoy the game. Remember to brush up on the rules of the game if you are rusty. Check out a quick list of the rules below.

Classic Blackjack Rules

  1. Classic Blackjack is only played with one deck of cards.
  2. Any Ace and ten value card form a natural Blackjack
  3. Doubling down is only allowed for hands with values of 9,10 and 11. Players are restricted to doubling down before splitting
  4. The game offers insurance to players. Insurance payout is 1:1
  5. Players can only split their cards once. Only cards of the same value can be split. A new wager has to be placed on the split hand.
  6. There is an option for players to surrender the game when their first two cards do not look good.
  7. The Blackjack payout 3:2

Casino ZA has gone ahead and listed the top online casinos that have classic Blackjack in South Africa. But when you choose a casino play at a casino make sure they have lots of promotions and a generous welcome bonus. These will allow you to play your favourite casino game even when you are literary down on your chips.

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