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Football or soccer as it commonly known in many parts of Africa, including South Africa, is the world’s most popular sport. Betting on the sport makes watching the matches a little more thrilling. Besides supporting your favourite team fans can actually win real money on the match. In Mzansi soccer betting is the most common type of betting, both online at land based establishments. This is because many punters understand the game and diligently follow it. Even though just for entertainment these attributes are the prerequisites to becoming a regular winner sports betting winner.

Top Tips for Better Football Betting

Under normal circumstances, bettors should be able to develop a strategy that improves the odds of them winning football bets. Ways which do not include match fixing or some other illegal activity. Ways like those listed below.

  1. Registering at many Sports betting sites allows players to find the best odds for the bet they want to place. Better odds always result in better payouts.
  2. Be wary of Short-priced favourites when placing your Even though such teams are likely to win the value on the win might not be significant. Look out for the returning winner with “underdog” odds. The value of such a win is usually satisfactory.
  3. Avoid placing too many bets. This stretches your funds but not really improving the risk factor. Punters need to try a back a couple of favourites and increase the size of the bets to make for a meaningful win.
  4. Bonuses are a way of life at online gambling sites. Find out as much as you can about them. You will be surprised how rewarding some of these promotions can be.
  5. Only bet on the top leagues. Besides being less likely to be affected by match-fixing they are easier to follow. And there is always a lot of commentary on the league which improves the gamblers knowledge.

Major Football Leagues to bet On

There is a long list of leagues and football competitions to bet on. These include the Barclays Premier League (UK), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy) and the Premier Soccer League (SA). There is also a wider range of international club and national team competitions to wager on. The most important thing is to know as much about the sport as possible before betting real money.