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A player making a large deposit of money to bet big at an online casino is called a high roller. If you love high stake games then definitely you should always be on a lookout for high roller bonuses. High rollers are valuable to the online casinos and are offered bonuses to match the value they bring to the casino.

High rollers have a VIP status at top online casinos where they are regarded as premium players. These players get a special treatment from the online casino. The bonuses they get differ from normal player bonuses. Each online casino has its own way of rewarding high rollers.

Many internet casinos attract players through bonuses to encourage them to sign up and stay at the casino. The perks for high-roller casinos are even more. Some online casinos will even assign an online account manager to assist the high-roller players. They provide answers to different questions including wagering requirements, bonuses, games and more.

There are various South African high roller internet casinos offering enormous welcome bonuses to high rollers. The players get weekly monthly bonuses. Apart from welcome bonuses, one of the most common bonuses for high-rollers is cash backs. Every high roller should understand the online casino’s bonus Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are different from those of regular bonuses.

High Roller Welcome Bonuses

High rollers are greeted with large welcome bonuses at top online casinos. The bonus amount is way larger than welcome bonuses for regular players. A good high roller casino bonus has a higher percentage for huge deposits but with fewer wagering requirements.

High roller welcome bonuses are usually match-up deposit bonuses. This means the amount you deposit is matched by the online casino with the bonus percentage offered. A player must meet the wagering requirement before they are able to withdraw their winnings.

High Roller Cash Back Bonus

High rollers are also treated with cash backs. Players do not always win even after spending a lot of money at the online casino. Top online casinos offer great cash-back programs to reward their valuable players. The more you spend, the bigger your cash-back. The cash-back amount is calculated as a percentage of the money you bet and it varies from casino to casino.