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There are very few casino games that are as captivating as poker. It is a game that has become very popular in South Africa and surrounding countries over the last couple years. Internet gambling has helped to make this game more recognizable.

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The coming of online casinos led to an increase in the number of formats of the game that are available to play. Game set up in most of the varieties of the game remained rooted in the standard game. Players can expect to a standard deck of playing cards. However, some versions of Poker are played with more than one deck of cards and others play with an extra card. This increases the number of cards from 52 to 53. The Joker is usually the extra card and it is used as a wild card.

When playing poker the objective remains to collect wins by having the strongest hand. There is a large number of hands that can be formed in the game. This game allows players to quit when they think they do not have a favourable hand to win. An action that is known as folding which results in loss of the Ante bet.

Online Poker Versions

Types of Poker can be grouped into 3 categories. These form the basis for all the other variants of Poker available.

Straight Format

This is also referred to as the “standard five card poker”. This is the original format of the game and most probably the least still played. In this version of the game, each player receives 5 cards and there is only one round of betting. This is because players are expected to make their final hand from the first 5 cards. But players can raise and re-raise.

Draw Format

Betting in this format starts after players receive the first batch of 5 face-down cards. Players replace the cards that they have with those in the deck. The most common type of this version allows players to exchange all 5 cards.

Stud Format

Players will receive up to 7 cards in the most common variety of this game, seven card stud. There is multiple betting in this game. After each card is dealt there is a round of betting. In 7 card stud poker players receive 3 face-down cards and 4 face-up cards. From these cards, they make the final 5 card hand.

Hand Values When Playing Poker

The value of hands remains the same despite the version. However, in some versions, some hands are less valuable. Generally, the more cards that you get that are identical, of the same suit or high number sequences the more likely you are to win. It is very important that players know how to select the cards to hold and those to discard. The top online casinos in South Africa offer free online poker. Use this to learn the game.

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Popular Versions of Poker for SA Players


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