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The term Land based casinos is used to describe brick and mortar casinos. Casinos that exist in the physical world as opposed to being part of the virtual or online world. So even if the casino is in space, underground or underwater it qualifies as a land based casino. As long as the gambler plays the casino games at a physical location with casino tables, slots, four rooms, a roof and other casino games. But as technology continues to advance the definitions become more and more complex.

What is a Land Based Casino

The easiest way to describe a land based casino is in the images that are conjured up in our minds when we think of them. Physical casinos are glamorous and have fancy designs. Everything at the casinos is bigger to give a sense of grandeur. The latest casino resorts offer so many things like live entertainment, restaurants and child-friendly play centres.

The History

Gambling houses have existed for a very long time. In most civilisations, there were places where games of chance were played. In cases where the government of the time supported the activity, the casinos and casino games got refined.

The first recorded version of what we now know as a casino was opened in Venice after the 1500’s.  The establishment called the Ridotto was closed after a couple of decades of operating. The reason was that officials claimed the sole purpose of the business was to deplete the wealth of the men.

It was only in America that gambling became established. As immigrants from all over the world arrived on the shores of the land of opportunity they brought with them their games of chance. Gambling saloons which were a common sight during the era helped make the games more popular.

Advantages of Playing at Land Based Casinos

  1. The entire gambling experience including travelling is valuable, unless if the casino is in a poorly sighted location.
  2. Better interaction with other people and the dealer. Despite the social benefits of meeting other people, the atmosphere at the land based casinos is surreal.

Tips When Playing at Land Based Casinos

  1. Try and stick to the games that you already know. Reserve trying out new games for online casinos. This is because at online casinos you get to set the speed of game play. Which makes for easier learning and the bets are lower at online casinos.
  2. Keep an eye on your betting limits. You do not want to lose money unnecessarily.
  3. Try and reduce the amount of alcohol you take in. Such drinks are known to impair judgement.