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Just a few Easters ago players using iOS where at a disadvantage, only a few casinos game developers were making games compatible on the platform. Several updates later and the story has drastically changed. Player’s using iOS can now enjoy premium online casino gaming but without having to pay a premium. The few Mac Compatible casino that were there in previous years had games with high bets.

What Changed

The old format was based on the latest tech from the last century. When casinos came online in 1994 they were in Microsoft’s .exe format. The prominent operating system of that day. A format that is not supported on iOS powered devices.

When the Mac Computers came into the market game developers were reluctant to supply the market. At the time it was a very reasonable decision. The volumes were against Apple and no one wanted to invest.

As Apple continued to get a bigger share of the international market, game developers began to notice but the games were charged at a premium. And then the reputability of Apple products as secure devices made the mobile devices more attractive. The number Mac compatible Casino Apps also increased.

With the progression in technology, faster internet allowed casinos to offer their real online games without a download. The new innovation allowed games to be easily accessible across all platforms. So all you need to do to play the top casino games on your Mac is to type the URL of the casino in your Safari or Firefox browser.

Current Mac Compatible Online Casino Situation in SA

The majority of the top online casino games are available to players using iOS. These Mac compatible casinos have all the latest games to play. However, some more specific and less popular casino games will take a longer time to make it to the no download platform.

Benefits of using Mac at Online Casino South Africa

  1. Mac computers are built with very powerful anti-spying capabilities. This acts as a very good back-up to latest Secure Socket Lock encryption used at casinos to protect transaction information.
  2. High-quality Macs and other Apple devices have high-resolution screens, fast processors and clear speakers. All this amounts to entertaining casino gaming.