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There are good casinos in this province and according to surveys which have been carried out, these casinos have managed to be an attraction to tourists. They are the main reason why many people visit this province. The local people treat the visitors in a friendly manner because of the natural love they have.

The province might not boast the way other provinces do with numerous casinos. The few casinos in the Northern Cape Province are quite impressive.


The Flamingo is one of the casinos that is found in this province. It is located in the city of Kimberly. This casino was established back in 2002. It is managed by the famous Sun International group. Therefore it a world-class casino in line with other casinos that are part of the Sun International group. It meets the high standards demanded by the gambling organisation.

The Flamingo constitutes about 200 slot machines. The machines are made up of video slots and video poker games. All the popular titles are available at the casino. There are also 9 tables which offer games like roulette and blackjack.

Desert Casino and Hotel Resort

Another Casino that you can gamble at in this Province is Desert Casino and Hotel Resort. The casino which was established back in 2000 is located in the beautiful city of Upington. This casino is operated by Desert Palace.

This casino is small when compared to other casinos. This is in terms of real money games that are available. There are 145 gambling games which include the best video slot and video poker titles.

Players that enjoy table games can place a wager on one of the tables on the casino floor. There are 7 gambling tables in this casino. The games that people can play at the casino include famous games like blackjack and roulette

Since the Northern Cape Province is small it makes sense that there are a few casinos. This is in line with the size of the province. But visiting this province to play casino games you will give you one of the best experience of your gambling life.