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Online betting is a form of gambling that involves making a bet from a remote location. It is now one of the most popular ways to wager in South Africa. Betting has been around for many decades now. After the South African government banned all forms of gambling in 1965, betting on horse racing remained legal as it was regarded as a sporting activity. However, people continued to gamble illegally and there were scores of illegal land-based casinos and gambling houses in South Africa. Gambling in South Africa was legalized in 1994 when a new democratic government came to power. Horse racing was declared a gambling activity. Betting on horses has been the most popular form of gambling in the country ever since. Betting houses increased exponentially. Gamblers are now betting on different sporting activities including soccer, rugby, basketball, golf, formula 1, cricket and more.

During the early 1990s, technological advancements were taking place in almost every industry. It is during this era that online casinos and betting sites emerged. The online betting population in South Africa skyrocketed in the recent years due to an increase in online and mobile gambling sites.

Online betting sites are regulated and licensed by different boards. The objective of the boards is to protect the customers at the online betting sites. There are many South African online betting sites that are properly regulated were gamblers can bet in South African Rand.

How to Choose the Best Online Betting Site

South Africa has many betting sites but they cannot be all at the top. There are certain things you should look at before choosing to bet on any site This is regardless of whether it is an online casino or sports betting site.

  1. The online gambling sites must be licensed and regulated in a credible jurisdiction. This means that there is somewhere for the gambler to report in case they feel cheated by the casino.
  2. It must be safe and secure. The encryption technology must protect all personal information and banking information.
  3. The site should have Live In-Play betting on various sporting activities and leagues.
  4. The best online betting sites offer attractive bonuses to its gamblers.