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In Casino ZA’s online craps guide for dummies, we aim to teach novice online craps players how to play craps. We’ll give them all they need to know in an easy to understand format. This classic casino table game is a fun and exciting game with straightforward rules. At land-based casinos, you’ll find players standing around the table, throwing dice, and making bets. Online craps isn’t too different, except that the table and dice are virtual. However, some South African players may not enjoy the purely digital version as some feel it lacks the excitement and social atmosphere associated with live craps. The only way to find whether you like it or not is to try it for yourself though.

online craps table with dice

How to Play Craps Online

Playing craps online is very similar to a craps game at a land-based casino. If you’re a South African player that doesn’t know how to play craps, our guide has you covered. Most people think learning how to play craps is difficult. However, this game is pretty easy to grasp. One just needs to practice playing it.

1. What Does an Online Craps Table Look Like?

Similar to a land-based casino table, an online craps table looks exactly like the real thing. Printed on what would be the felt covering are the betting types with space to place the bets. Both sides of the table look the same.

Standard online craps table                           

2. How to Make the First Roll

When learning how to play craps, players will hear the term‘come-out roll’. This is the first roll of the dice or the first roll after the last betting round is done. When playing online craps, you click the ‘Roll’button which has dice on it. Then, two dice will land on the table, showing the number you rolled. Players can expect one of three results:

  • Natural: when you roll a seven or 11. You win and get to roll again.
  • Craps: this is when you roll a two (or snake eyes), three, or 12. You lose but get to roll again.
  • Point: rolling a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten is called a Point. With online craps, a small white Point button appears and is marked as ‘on’. Roll the dice again and hopefully you’ll get the same number again (the same sum) as before. If you do, you win. However, if you roll a seven in this case, you lose and end the betting round – you “seven out” in craps lingo.

How Do You Bet on Craps? – Betting for Dummies

This is the next step in learning how to play craps – knowing which bet types to go with. Now that you’ve learnt how to shoot craps,you can move into the money-making part of playing craps. There are six craps bet types. Let’s take a look at them.

1. The Pass Line Bet

In learning how to play craps, this bet type is the simplest and pays an even amount e.g. you bet R10 and win R10. You are betting that the shooter will win (or pass) by rolling a Natural or a Point. To make a Pass Line bet, put your chips on the Pass Line area on the table. The shooter will then roll the come-out roll and depending on the outcome you either win or lose. If they roll a Craps, you lose.

2. The Don’t Pass Bet

Since this bet it involves betting against the shooter –betting they’ll not pass – it isn’t a popular bet to make. If the shooter rolls a two or three (a Point), or fails to roll the point before rolling a seven you win the bet. Rolling a 12 in this round, your bet becomes a Push – you neither win or lose.

3. The Come Bet

This bet type is similar to the Pass Line bet after a Point has been placed. Furthermore, it changes the next roll into a come-out roll. A seven or 11 (Craps) wins the bet and a two, three, or 12 loses you a Come bet.It also establishes a new Come Point that wins if the Point number is rolled again before a seven, and loses if a seven is thrown before the Point.

4. The Don’t Come Bet

Much like the Don’t Pass bet, how to play craps with this bet involves betting against the shooter. Specifically, you’re betting that the shooter rolls a two or three and not a seven or 11. Once again, a 12 establishes a Push. Once the Point has been set, here’s to hoping the number seven will be rolled.

5. Field

The Field bet is another area on the craps table. It has the numbers two, three, four, nine, ten, 11, and 12. To play this bet, put your chips in the area; it doesn’t matter which number you place them on. They are active for one roll and pay the same as you bet, except for two and 12. These pay double. During the roll, landing a five, six, seven, or eight means you lose. Seems like it’s easier to win playing the Field area because of all the numbers? It actually isn’t. The losing numbers have a much higher chance of being rolled with the house edge sitting at 5.55%.

6. Big 6 and Big 8

This is to bet that a six or an eight will be rolled before a seven. Unlike other bets, this one can be placed at any time and are easy bets to make, and pay even money. Just put your chips on the six and eight. However,the house edge on this bet is over 9% which is very high.

7. Place Bets

Once a Point has been established, you can bet on any number on the craps table. If it rolls before the seven does, you win. If a seven shows up before, you lose.

How to Win: A Guide to How to Play Craps Strategy

Craps is a game of strategy, skill, and a bit of luck.That’s why in this how to play craps online for dummies guide, we are including a brief section on winning strategies used by professionals. Practice these,along with your playing, and you’ll master online craps in no time.

online craps dice

Pro-tip 1: Play Mainly Come Bets and Pass Line Bets

Most seasoned craps players avoid all the other bets except the Come, Pass Line, and a few Place bets.

Pro-tip 2: Use Free Odds

Playing free odds on any type of line bet (Pass and Don’t Pass) is a common strategy of craps professionals. Doing this drops the house edge because it has no edge in the free odds you place. For example, a Pass Line bet has a 1.41% house edge. Placing a free odds on it, the house edge drops to 0.8%. You can do this multiple times, dropping it even lower. However, it’s important to note that this depends on the casino – they can allow anything from twice to 100 times your original bet. To activate free odds, place your chips behind your original bet on the line. Remove and add them at time after the Come-Out roll.

Pro-tip 3: Recurring or Controlled Shooting

This applies more to live craps. Seasoned players can develop the ability to influence the way a dice rolls to lessen or increase their chances of rolling a seven. They position the numbers they want in their hand and roll in a way where they don’t flip.

Give online craps a try at our top casinos today in practice demo mode before taking on real money wagers.

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