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Rugby is an extremely popular sport in South Africa, with thousands of fans tuning to local and international matches. Rugby betting is also just as popular, adding excitement to just watching a game or following a tournament.

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The popularity of online rugby betting in SA has grown over the years, and navigating it can be tricky especially if you’re new to the hobby. Casino ZA has created a guide for you to help you navigate the world of rugby betting. We’ll take a look at the basic rules of the sport, how you bet on a rugby match, the types of bets available, tips and strategies, and which tournaments you can bet on.

Top Rugby Betting Sites in SA

Our team has taken a look at some of South African rugby betting sites out there. They’ve been vetted for safety, fairness, security, and a wide variety of banking methods.

  • Betway
  • Sporting Bet
  • Playbets
  • Intertops
  • Marathon Bet
  • Hollywoodbet

The Basic Rules of a Rugby Match

Let’s take a look at some of the basic rules of rugby to get you started.

  • The game is played with two team of 15 players. They are allowed to have seven substitutes.
  • A match lasts a total of 80 minutes: two 40-minute halves with 10 minutes max for a break.
  • Six match officials control the game, including two touch judges and a referee.
  • There is a coin toss in the beginning and the winner chooses if they want to kick off or which direction, they want to play in. Players run forward while throwing the ball backwards. In rugby, a forward throw isn’t allowed.
  • There are three different ways players can score points in rugby. A try (touching the ball down behind he opposing team’s goal line) gives five points. A conversion (kicking the ball through the posts) scores two points. Three points are awarded for a penalty goal, and another three for a drop goal (drop kicking the ball through the posts).
  • The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. If the scores are the same, it’s a draw.
  • Fouls in a rugby match include blocking opponents, punching, kicking, or tripping players. Tackling too early or too late is also a foul. Also, rugby has an offside rule similar to soccer’s.

How to Bet on Rugby Match

There are a number of things to consider before you can place a bet. Let’s take a look at what it takes to get rugby betting right.

Rugby Betting Odds

Odds in rugby betting are shown in either the fraction format or decimal format. Knowing which one you’ll be using and how to use it helps with deciding on how much you need to bet.

Fractional Odds: these are the fraction format odds. They are shown as 2/1, 3/2, or 4/1. The first number is how much you’ll win. While the second number tells you the amount you have to wager to get that amount. So, if the odds are 2/1 you’ll get R2 for every R1 you bet. Furthermore, your stake is returned. In this example it would be R3.

Decimal Odds: the format for these odds is in decimals. Therefore, you will also use them differently to work out your winnings. Decimal odds are displayed as 2.00, 3.00, or 5.00 for example. So, if your stake is R100 at the odds of 3.00, your winning amount will be R300.

What are the Types of Bet You Can Place?

These are the most popular types of bets taken in rugby matches.

  • Grand Final winner predictions: predicts who will be the final winner of the tournament.
  • Outright match winner: betting on who will win the match.
  • 80 minutes handicap: also known as rugby spread betting, this type of betting is when the bookie adds points onto the team considered to be the underdog.
  • Match results: betting on what the final match results will be.
  • Both teams to get 16 or 24 points
  • Away team win: this bet is that the visiting team wins.
  • Half-time winner: the team with the most points at half-time.
  • First try scorer: which player scores the first try.
  • Anytime try scorer: your chosen player scores a try at any point during the match.
  • Hat trick: which player scores three times in a row.
  • First point scorer: the team that scores the first point.
  • Score at half-time: if there’s a try or point scored at half-time.
  • Double result: betting on the score of a game at half-time and at the end of the match.
  • Home team to win: betting that the hosting team will win.

Rugby Betting Tips and Strategy

Now let’s look at some rugby betting tips to help make your experience more fun.

  1. Research: Know the players, their performances throughout the season, and the game and its rules. The more you know about the teams, the conditions they’ll be playing under, the more accurately you can bet.
  2. Play Rugby Handicap Bets: The real money is no longer in picking the outright winner. We’d recommend you checked out the handicap betting market where chances of winning are higher.
  3. Stick to what you can Afford: Never bet more than you have. When betting online, manage your bankroll carefully. Start off small and once you get the hang of it, increase the amount you spend.
  4. Play at Registered Online Rugby Betting Sites: This is important as you don’t want to find yourself not getting the money you worked hard to win. Check our list of recommended betting sites for safe online betting sites.
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SA Rugby Annual Events and Tournaments

Since SA is such a rugby crazy nation, there are many rugby tournaments happening across the country. Below is a list of our local rugby tournaments:

  • Currie Cup
  • Protea Cup
  • Rhino Cup
  • SARU Gold Cup
  • Super Rugby
  • Varsity Cup
  • Western Province Rugby League
  • Youth Competitions

International Rugby Tournaments

Rugby betting on international tournaments is also pretty big in South Africa. Our national rugby team, the Springboks, after all ranks in the top ten world rugby rankings. Here are some betting worthy international tournaments:

  • Rugby World Cup: played every four years for the Webb Ellis Cup.
  • Rugby Championship: formerly the Tri Nations, it’s held every year in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  • Africa Cup: a yearly tournament played by Africa’s rugby teams.

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