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Casinos from all over the world offer rewards to real money players, this is not a uniquely South African phenomenon. The reasons for giving away so many freebies is to attract and retain players. There is a lot of competition in the internet gambling industry, therefore, it is a battle to get players. One way that casinos use to get new players and keep the regular players is by out doing each other in the bonuses offered.

Types Casino Rewards on Offered

There is quite a large number of rewards that are on offer at the top casinos in SA. Regular online casino game players know this but most people who have not played casino games are only aware of the welcome bonuses. Below is a short list of the common rewards and bonus packages offered at online casinos.

  1. Welcome Bonuses

There is a few casinos online today that does not offer players welcome bonuses. This type of bonus is awarded to new players. It is commonly referred to as a match-up bonus. The reason is that the casinos will match the player’s deposit. Welcome bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. There are multi-level bonuses and some of them offer free games on selected games.

  1. Free Games

This is one of the most popular ways that casinos reward their players. Many of the bonuses and promotions at online casinos give away free games on fabulous casino games. The free games are usually on slots.

  1. Cash Backs

This is a new type of promotion. Only the top online casinos have bonuses in which players get cash backs. These promotions are given to regular players.

  1. No deposit bonus

No Deposit bonuses are commonly given to casino members but now more and more real money online casinos are giving them as Welcome bonuses.  As the name suggests players player’s get a certain percentage of their losses back as part of the promotion

  1. VIP promotions

Loyalty programs have always been a feature in the gambling industry. At online casinos, the VIP status can be obtained a number of ways. However, the most common way is by accumulating points which then qualify you for VIP Status.

How the Bonuses Work

Apart from the welcome bonus, all other promotions are meant at retaining players. Therefore they are loyalty promotions. These are structured packages that clearly show players how to obtain the rewards. In many online casinos, players are automatically registered for loyalty programs. Points are accumulated as per deposit, the number of points per deposit varies from internet casino to internet casino.