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Poli Payment is an online payment option that was launched in 2004 by Centricom. The company targets customers from 4 different countries namely South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kindom. Poli has grown into a noticeable online payment method in only a few years and it keeps growing its customer base in the four markets.

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Its service is mainly used to make online payments by gamblers and some South African online casino recognize it. The payment system is absolutely safe, reliable and secure to pay any online merchant. Poli payments at online casinos provide players with convenience in making a deposit.

It focuses on making online deposits safe and secure for every customer. These days everyone is concerned about safety and security when using the internet and Poli system guarantees this. You can transact online without worrying about any cyber crimes such as hacks and scams. Your financial and personal information is kept secure.  Using Poli at casinos is highly convenient. Many real internet casino game players have been using it for years and you can transfer money safely to your casino account. Funds can be transferred using a credit card or bank transfer. Poli transaction fees are affordable and you can enjoy your games at low costs.

Poli Payment System at South African Online Casino

This banking method is becoming more popular amongst South African online casino players since its launch. It offers a quick and easy banking solution that is greatly appreciated by many gamblers. There are now various South African online casinos that accept Poli due to its convenience. Players can make online deposits using their personal banking accounts without worrying about disclosing their personal information to the casino.

The Poli, payment system is very easy. In order to use it, you need to set up a Poli account. Log on to its website and sign up, fill all the required details including email address and your bank account number that is to be debited when you make a transaction. Setting up a Poli account only takes few minutes. Once done signing up, you can transfer funds into your Poli account.

To deposit into your online casino’s account that accepts Poli, go to casino cashier and select Poli as your payment option.   Enter the amount, password and bank name.  Please ensure all the information is correct before confirming the transfer. Funds will be transferred into your online casino account and you can start playing.  However, Poli does not offer withdrawal services to its customers.

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