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Privacy Policy for Casino ZA

Before making use of CasinoZA, or any website, it is important that users understand what our mission and objectives are. Below is the privacy policy of this website, CasinoZA.

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In this article, any reference to “site”, “website”, and “casino” refers to CasinoZA. The use of “you”, “your”, and “user” is in reference to any user of this website.

General Information and Policy

  • Users of CasinoZA must be 18 years and older.
  • This site collects and keeps personal information, like your location.
  • The information is used by CasinoZA for:
    – Research
    – Improvements of our services
    – Customising content

Privacy Policy Changes

Any changes to the website’s privacy policy can be made. If, and when, important changes are made, users will be notified.

CasinoZA Disclosure

  • CasinoZA cannot be held responsible for any incidences that occur at any of our recommended casinos or any other entity.
  • Users’ permission will be requested to give out any information except in the following cases:
    – If a court order or any other legal request is presented.
    – To trusted companies with no right to distribute under a confidentiality agreement.
    – If CasinoZA merges with or is acquired by another company

CasinoZA Confidentiality

  • CasinoZA employees and its affiliates can only access the users’ information that is needed to efficiently perform their work.
  • There are safeguards to protecting any personal information CasinoZA collects. It is stored in a secure environment.

Security at CasinoZA

  • CasinoZA is a secure website, so personal information of users’ is protected.
  • The website’s IT team makes sure to protect information against loss, alteration, and misuse.
  • CasinoZA has safeguards against security breaches and any other cyber threats.

Content Conditions at CasinoZA

  • CasinoZA cannot guarantee that all the content on the site is accurate.
  • The responsibility lies with the users of the site to make sure it’s correct before acting on it.
  • CasinoZA reserves the right to change content without any prior notice.


  • Should any disputes arise between gamblers and the online casino, it is not CasinoZA’s responsibility to mediate.

We hope that you have a great time on CasinoZA and find everything you need.

For more on CasinoZA, please see our about us page.

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