Garden Route Casino Review

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This is a luxurious casino which is located in South Africa’s Mossel Bay, Western Cape. It is 400 kilometres between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The physical address of Garden Route Casino is 1 Pinnacle Point road, Mossel Bay. Adjacent to Garden Court Mossel Bay Hotel.

This casino is a lovely place. Top tier standards are kept for every service rendered. Allowing visitors to utilize each penny that they would have paid. This will make you want to keep coming back to the resort. There are good real gaming entertainment and awesome outdoor facilities. The food comprises of superior local and international dining options. Conference facilities at the casino are very good and there is plenty of activities for families.

Real Casino Gaming

There are more than 400 slot machines at the casino. Basically, all types of slots can be played in the casino. There are slot reels, video slots and video poker. Players can try out the unique R8 roulette slot machine which has eight player stations. There are also casino table games on offer. These include Texas Hold ‘em, Casino Hold ‘em, Casino Reef, Blackjack and Roulette. Gamblers have unrestricted access to the casino which is open any time of the day.

An additional 42 slots are available in the VIP area. The Salon Prive was made only for the VIP players. Other games accessible to the VIPs are American Roulette, Raise ’em poker and three blackjack tables. The Prive provides a very relaxing view of the surrounding area. The well-designed lounge is very classy and the hostesses are some of the best in the country.

Facilities at the Resort

There are several dining areas and bars at Garden Route Casino. The service at these establishments rival the very top hotels. They meet the standards set by best hotels. Bravo lounge is the best offering light to heavy meals and it is open any day of the week.

There is a buffet restaurant which has five-star food. It is situated near Gold fan club together with the Pinnacle Point golf course. There are a sports bar, children’s entertainment and games arcade just for the visitors to have fun. This is one place you should get to.