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South Africa has one of the world’s most developed horse racing industries. People have been racing horses from since the early days of the settlers. Today the racing has changed greatly. The tracks, the number of horses per race and other more intricate rules have changed.

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History of Horse Racing

The History of Horse breeding in SA dates back more than 200 years when settlers brought in the first breeding stock. The first horse race was held at Green Point Common, Cape Town in 1797. From that time the sport has grown greatly.

Currently, there are 10 horse racing tracks in the country. The tracks host a combined total of more than 400 races annually. Thirty-two of the races are Grade 1 events.

Even as the horse racing changed so did betting on the sport. Everything about the betting has evolved. That is why South African is among the pioneering nations when it comes to Horse betting.

How to Bet on Horse Races Online in South Africa

People are no longer restricted to betting at the track. There are many online gambling sites that facilitate horse racing from the comfort of your smart mobile device. The process is simpler and more convenient than most people expect.

Internet Horse Betting: The How To

  1. Find an online gambling site that is reputable. There are a couple mentioned on this very site.
  2. Select horse racing as the sport you want to bet This will lead up to screens where you will be prompted to select a race track, time of the race and the horse you are betting on.
  3. There are a variety of bets offered which include betting on a single horse or on multiple horses. A description of the bets is given below.
  4. Betting is completed by placing a real money stake on the horse(s).

Types of Horse Race Bet

There are essentially eight ways to bet on a horse race. Three ways of betting are for when wagering on a single horse. All the other are betting on multiple horses. However, the bets are basically the same. Gamblers can bet on a horse winning (To Win), they can predict the place the horse take (to Place) and To Show which requires that the horse and rider come 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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The Popular Sports to Bet on in SA

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