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Online sports betting has risen to take up a major share of the online gambling industry in South Africa. South Africans are known for being sports crazy. Placing bets on the outcome of their favourite game adds an exciting dimension to this type of entertainment. Moving sports betting online has made sports betting even more accessible and increased the variety of sports bettors can wager on in one place.

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Best South African Online Betting Sites

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What to Look for in an Online Sports Betting Site SA

There are a number of things our experts look at when testing online sports betting sites. Whichever online sports betting site you choose depends on what you are looking for.

  • Usability: bettors are often in a rush to place bets before the game begins. Easy navigation of a site is what makes the online sports betting experience effortless and fun.
  • Bonuses: most online sports betting sites offer incentives like welcome bonuses to attract new bettors.
  • Market variety: the variety of online sports betting options for individual bettors makes a site attractive. Their sports books should have options for different types of players and fixtures.
  • Deposit options: the variety of deposit methods available on the site is also a top priority when picking a betting site. Look at the choices on offer, the deposit limits, fees, and withdrawal times of the online sports betting site.

Different Types of Sports Betting

If the sport exists it can be bet on. We take a look at the most popular sports South Africans love betting on.

Soccer Betting


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Soccer is a very popular sport not only internationally but locally as well. At our top online sports betting sites, bettors can wager of both local and international league fixtures all in one place. So, if you’re a fan of the UEFA, English Premier League, or PSL league, you can place bets on all three.

Horse Racing Betting

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Horse racing is still hugely popular in South Africa with races taking place at South African tracks. Bettors can wager at online sports betting sites for both local and international horse races.

Cricket Betting

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Cricket is a hugely popular sport in South Africa and online sports betting for this sport is popular as well. You can bet on outcomes of the match, the top batsman and bowler, and even who wins the coin toss at the beginning.

Rugby Betting

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Online sports betting for rugby in South Africa covers both national and international leagues and matches. Bettors can wager on outcomes like the first try scorer and who wins the match among other things.

Golf Betting

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Golf may not be as widely popular as cricket for instance, but South African betting sites have a market for it. Online sports betting sites offer bets on things like a player’s performance, who will hit a hole-in-one, and who will win the tournament.

Tennis Betting

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Online sports betting in South Africa has a market for tennis betting as well. Bettors wager on who will win the major women’s and men’s tournaments like Wimbledon or the major Opens championships.

Online Sports Betting Guide

This guide provides you with all you need to know about placing sports bets online.

Sports Betting – Fractions and Decimals

These refer to the odds of a bet placed on a sport. They are either fractions or decimals.


Fractions are the most common in online sports betting. They are usually displayed like 5/9 and show how much profit a player will make – R5 for every R9 they bet.


Decimals make it a bit easier for those who are new to gambling to understand what their possible bet payout will be. If a bettor makes a R20 bet and the odds are written 1.29, their possible payout will be R25.8. Decimal odds are written in a way that shows what the player get for what they wager – 29c for every ZAR they stake.

How to Place a Bet Online

Placing a bet at an online sports betting site is simple. Open an online betting account at one of our top online betting sites. Then deposit however much you want into the account and make your first wager. Each sport will be listed – it’s about you choosing your favourite sport. Whoever you choose to bet on will appear on a betslip. From there choose your stake and place the bet. Winnings are usually paid into your online betting account within 30 minutes after the event has ended.

Online Betting Bonuses

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Online betting bonuses are an online sports betting site’s way of getting new players to join and keeping their loyal players happy. There are a few types of online sports betting bonuses available.

  • Deposit bonus: this is the most common type advertised by online sports betting sites. After you’ve made your first deposit, the betting site rewards players depending on the size of the deposit. This bonus is usually calculated in a percentage value.
  • Money back bonus: the online sports betting site gives players a bit of cash back if they lose on their initial bet.
  • Free bets: these are usually given to long-time players to keep their interest on the site.
  • Boosts: the pricing on popular selections are occasionally increased to get more players wagering on an event.

Online Sports Betting SA FAQ

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The Popular Sports to Bet on in SA