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Blackjack is one of the most popular real money online casinos games in South Africa. This game of chance has a rich history that has led to the many versions of the game. Most of which are available to play in SA. Although the basic game play remains the same there are several versions created by different Internet casino game developers. The common difference is in the number of decks used to play the game and the card value the dealer stands at.

Blackjack Rules

Rules of this casino game vary from casino to casino depending on the version of the game being played. However, the core features of the game are consistent regardless of the variety being played. The objective of the game is to have a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible. Picture cards have a value of 10 as do cards with a pip value of ten. Cards 2- 9 have the value that is displayed on the face. The ace acts like a wild in the game. It can have a value of one or eleven.

The blackjack is a hand with an Ace and Ten value card. This is the jackpot winning hand in the game. When players get this hand they win automatically. Blackjack is played against the dealer and when the dealer gets a blackjack all non-jackpot hands lose.

Different versions offer player different payouts for a blackjack or for when your hand beats the dealer’s hand. Games with a higher house edge usually pay more than games with a lower house edge. Games with many decks have a normal house edge so they do not give extraordinary pay outs. When a few decks are used the player has a better chance of winning so the bets are higher also.

The rules of blackjack have made the game a favourite among gamblers who enjoy games of chance in which players can use strategy. There are many strategies that have been created to help players win blackjack.

Strategies for South Africans to Win Blackjack

We shall not go into detail for each and every blackjack strategy. Instead, we shall outline the things that are used to come up with the strategies, the basics.

  1. Know the version of the game that you want to play. Each variety of the game is ideal for players using different strategies.
  2. Play regularly. That is the only way to develop a working strategy. There is a high number of casinos that offer bonuses for players in Mzansi to play blackjack. Other casinos even allow players to play the games in free mode.
  3. Set and stick to your bankroll. A bankroll is an amount you have set aside to fund your real money online casino gaming. Regular winners know when to stop. When playing under pressure there is a greater chance to lose.